Happy Little Latent Walks

Inspired by Bob Ross, made by AI

We are pleased to introduce "Happy Little Latent Walks" - a generative art series of 100 digital treks through synthetic landscapes exclusively available as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) on Foundation.

Each piece is a loop of multiple, synthetic landscapes melting into one another (see below).

You can check out the collection here:

happylittlepixels (@happylittlepixels) | Foundation
Original landscape stills and latent walks synthetically generated by RossGAN, an AI artist who learned to paint like Bob Ross by watching the beloved Joy of Pa…
7 landscapes of mountains, forests and lakes blend into each other using artificial intelligence trained to imitate the iconic style of Bob Ross.

These melting loops are called "latent walks" a term that describes melty "pixel-filling" a GAN model does as it shifts between image matrices.

Since we make landscapes, the latent walks are like digital hikes through the outdoors: as you trek, the visual landscape slowly morphs from one view of your surroundings to another.

each piece is titled to reflect the theme/mood of the hand-picked imagery selected and arranged for interpolation:

🌲 Forest • 🏔️ Mountains • 🌊 Seascapes • ☀️ Daytime • 🌙 Nighttime

🌧️ Rain • 🔥 Fire • 🍀 Spring • 🌻 Summer • ❄️ Winter .. and more!

Each generative work is a unique original - 1 of 1 - and will be sold as a Non-Fungible Token on Foundation, a marketplace for crypto art.

These works are priced for new collectors and they will not be anywhere else - when you buy it you're the sole owner.

New to world of Crypto art? NFTs? So were we, this is a good explainer.

Why collect digital art NFTs? | Foundation
Visionary collectors are scooping up digital art and other early collectibles of the metaverse. Here’s why you should, too.

We're excited about this project because it challenges us to stop treating Happy Little Pixels as a fun AI side projects and pursue generative art more seriously.

We look forward to having you along for the journey.